Ivanka Trump ordered to testify in New York civil fraud trial

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of President Donald Trump, has been ordered by Judge Arthur Engoron to testify in the ongoing civil fraud trial in New York City, multiple outlets have reported.

President Trump has been attending key parts of the trial in New York, which has been spearheaded by Democrat New York Attorney General Letitia James. She has accused the president of overinflating the value of his assets in financial statements. Trump has strongly and consistently denied any wrongdoing.

According to NBC, Ivanka has been ordered to testify at some point after Nov. 1, despite the Trump legal team’s arguments that she should not be listed as a defendant in the case. They also accused the New York AG of failing to have the proper jurisdiction to subpoena Ivanka, as she is no longer a resident of New York State.

Judge Engoron’s ruling regarding Ivanka comes just days after the president’s ex-attorney, Michael Cohen, testified in the case. Trump flamed Cohen’s testimony after the former lawyer admitted in court that he had never been asked by the president to overinflate the value of his assets on financial statements.

Trump stated that Cohen was “collapsing and choking” under the intensity of cross-examination, “and completely admitting that I did nothing.”

Judge Engoron this week fined President Trump $10,000 for allegedly violating a standing gag order on the case, RSBN reported earlier this week. On Thursday, Trump accused the judge of being “CRAZY IN HIS HATRED OF ‘TRUMP.’”

He added on Thursday morning, “The unhinged Judge, a highly political and fully biased Trump Hater, refused to dismiss this HOAX of a case, and has lost all CREDIBILITY. Likewise, he refuses to accept the decision of the Appeals Court, a first in New York.”

Per NBC, Ivanka is not the only child of the president who is expected to testify in this case. Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump are also likely to take the stand at some point before the trial wraps up.

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