‘James IS Project Veritas’ trends on Twitter amid reported internal shakeup

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

It has come to light that investigative outlet Project Veritas may undergo some significant leadership changes after reports surfaced that the organization’s founder, James O’Keefe, is allegedly taking paid leave and being evaluated for suspension or removal, according to a Wednesday report from the New York Intelligencer

Public response has been high and on Thursday, Project Veritas tweeted a statement claiming, “Despite what the Corporate Media tries to portray about our organization, know this: We have never been more motivated and dedicated to our mission than now.”

While it is unclear what exactly sparked the paid leave or potential suspension rumors, supporters are posting their concerns. “James IS Project Veritas” began trending on Twitter on Thursday afternoon.

Infamous Twitter personality Catturd™ tweeted in response, “Without James –  @Project_Veritas can unfollow me and stop contacting me for retweets.”

The Hodgetwins also spoke up for James O’Keefe, noting, “Do they realize that James IS Project Veritas and they are nothing without him and his team?”

And Laura Loomer, who has worked for Project Veritas, posted, “As someone who worked for Project Veritas, let me just say, there is no @Project_Veritas without @JamesOKeefeIII. I love you James.”

Countless others have joined in declaring that “James IS Project Veritas.” How this will affect the company moving forward is uncertain. 

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