Jan. 6 prisoner and ‘Infowars’ host ‘finally out of prison’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Owen Shroyer, a Jan. 6 prisoner and Infowars host, has been released from prison following a 60-day jail sentence in September of this year. He announced the news on X in a video and statement, writing, “I am finally out of prison. Happy to be free, grateful to be loved, and excited for what’s next.”

According to NBC News, Shroyer was sentenced earlier this year to 60 days in prison for his alleged role in the events of Jan. 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol, although he never entered the building nor engaged in physically destructive behavior.

In a curious case that drew scrutiny from across the nation, he ultimately pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of entering a restricted area.

Per NBC, Shroyer allegedly made statements while attending the protest outside the Capitol Building, where he reportedly criticized the “tyrants” inside and shouted, “Death to tyrants!” However, those statements were not enough to convict him, either.

Shroyer added on X of his release this week, “My spirit is bright. My heart is full. My mind is sharpened. My soul is rejuvenated. My faith in God solidified. My faith in the American people reaffirmed.”

Just a few days before his release, Newsweek reported that Shroyer had received a new prison release date, per a statement that his X account published on Monday morning.

Upon his return to free society, Shroyer jumped on X and pointed out that his livestreaming X account, @OwenShroyerLive, had “been suspended without cause.”

He explained, “In all sincerity, I respect this platform & hope to see it flourish for decades to come. With that said, I’d appreciate some clarity on exactly what offenses are causing my previous accounts to be banned. I am happy to follow all guidelines. This seems unreasonable & targeted.”

Shroyer’s release from prison comes just one day after journalist and media personality Tucker Carlson released an interview with Infowars’ founder, Alex Jones. According to Newsweek, Shroyer was a co-host with Jones before his sentencing.

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