Jan. 6 protestors reportedly held in prison under inhumane conditions, 24-hour confinement

by Summer Lane

The political persecution of protestors who were in attendance at the pro-Trump, election integrity rally on Jan 6 at the United States Capitol Building has not ended, according to a letter shared by Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“I received a letter from a J6 PRE-TRIAL defendant who says he has been transferred to a maximum security prison and is now in 24 hour a day confinement and only gets to shower 3 days per week,” Greene stated on Twitter, along with pictures of the handwritten letter. The defendant’s name is Andrew Takke. “I met [him] on my DC Jail visit…” Greene clarified in her tweet.

On Jan. 6, protestors at the United States Capitol who were vocalizing their frustration at the potentially fraudulent presidential election results – and over the course of 2021, there has been staggering, nationwide reports of election fraud and irregularities that have lent a considerable amount of credence to that claim – have been labeled “insurrectionists” by the mainstream media.

Since Jan. 6, the Department of Justice (DOJ) reported in July that of the 570 protestors held in pre-trial detention, only 175 of those defendants had been charged with assault, resisting arrest, or “impeding” officers or employees, as previously reported by RSBN.

Additionally, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) admitted that there was “no evidence that the groups [who entered the Capitol] had serious plans about what to do if they made it inside.”

Since the media-labeled “insurrection” at the Capitol Building occurred, a highly-partisan House Unselect Committee on Jan. 6 was launched, and has since proceeded to “investigate” the involvement of President Trump in the incident, as well as his closest advisors in a endless political witch hunt which has thus far yielded no results or substantive evidence to prove that Trump or any of his associates had a hand in the events at the Capitol Building in January.

In July, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R), Rep. Paul Gosar (R), Rep. Louie Gohmert (R), and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene visited the corrections facility where the Jan 6 political prisoners were being held, which is when Rep. Greene reportedly met Andrew Takke.

Reports of inhumane conditions in the facility is nothing new, and it has led many to speculate about the justification for holding protestors who, by the FBI’s own admission, had no “grand scheme” to enter the Capitol or cause any harm.

If the protestors cannot be guaranteed a fair and speedy trial without unnecessary delay, as clearly defined in the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution, then Americans everywhere should rightfully be concerned about the ongoing imprisonment of anyone associated with the events of Jan 6.

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