Jordan Peterson spotlights Trump’s tremendous advancements toward peace as president

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Dr. Jordan Peterson slammed the double standard in the treatment between President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump in a recent video, scorching Obama for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for “doing nothing.” At the same time, he noted that Trump’s historic peace efforts in the Middle East were wholly ignored.

“President Obama received the Nobel Prize for doing nothing but winning a presidential election while being black, to put it bluntly,” Peterson explained. “And I think he knew it, although he cravenly accepted the prize anyway.”

By contrast, Peterson pointed out, “Trump and his team and all the people involved in the Middle East in the Abraham Accords received almost no legacy press attention – certainly none that was positive, and certainly, no Nobel Prize. Even though what they managed was clearly the most significant advance of the peace front in that embattled region since World War II at minimum.”

Peterson is a clinical psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto. He gained international fame and recognition in 2016 when his work and lectures went viral online, per his official website. Peterson also has his own podcast, “The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast.”

Peterson’s comments touched on the historic Abraham Accords that were brokered during the Trump administration. As reported by RSBN, Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 2017, opting to move the U.S. Embassy into the city.

The Abraham Accords were signed in September 2020, heralding an unprecedented treaty of peace and diplomatic relations between the U.S. Arab Emirates and the State of Israel. Shockingly, Trump’s masterful brokering of that peace deal gained him little admiration from the mainstream media.

Recently, Trump has sounded the alarm of unrest in Eastern Europe, promising Americans that if he were president, he would be able to broker a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia within 24 hours, via RSBN.

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