Kari Lake fires back at ‘Fake Media,’ takes a stand against drag shows for kids

by Summer Lane

Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate and frontrunner Kari Lake blasted the “Fake Media” for recent “defamatory stories” that have surfaced online, calling them the “Enemy of the People.”

A drag queen from Phoenix, Arizona, Richard Stevens, claimed last week that he had performed for Lake multiple times in her home and in bars, according to a report from Insider.

“Richard Stevens is a talented comedian and performer that Kari Lake covered during her TV career,” Lake said in an official statement. “Once a friend, Steven’s (also known by his stage name Barbara Seville), has now resorted to public attacks on Lake for her political views. It’s worth noting that Stevens has become radicalized in recent years and has called for the death of a sitting GOP Congresswoman and has actively campaigned for Katie Hobbs.”

Katie Hobbs is Lake’s Democrat gubernatorial opponent.

Lake has boldly attacked the recent phenomenon of drag queen culture that has been brought into American classrooms and touted as family-friendly events in the media.

“They kicked God out of schools and welcomed the Drag Queens,” she posted Friday on Twitter. “They took our Flag and replaced it with a rainbow. They seek to disarm Americans and militarize our Enemies. Let’s bring back the basics: Gods, Guns & Glory.”

Stevens’s attacks on Lake are being met with unflinching resistance from Lake’s campaign team.

Their official statement reads: “Like clockwork, the Fake Media will latch onto any story, regardless of its validity. Kari Lake is serving Mr. Stevens with a defamatory lawsuit and is more than happy to do the same to Media outlets that report these lies as truth. This New Republican Party fights back.”

Lake’s statement further attacked the “disgusting” Arizona media, lambasting them for “fighting so hard to defend the Grooming of our children.”

“We encourage those outlets to remember what happened in the Nick Sandmann case and think twice about defaming Kari Lake,” the statement concluded.

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