Kari Lake has ‘100% confidence’ that she will become the next governor of Arizona

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is 100 percent confident that she will triumph over Democrat challenger Katie Hobbs and ascend to the governorship in Arizona. Lake’s statement comes as the state continues to count ballots days after Nov. 8.

“I am 100% going to win. I have absolute 100% confidence that I will be the next Governor of Arizona,” Lake told Fox News’s Sean Hannity Thursday. “I think the Republican Party should continue along with America first policies like we are with solutions, common sense solutions,” she added, praising South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Virginia Gov. Glenn Younkin, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Lake shared her frustration with Arizona’s delayed election results, calling out Maricopa County officials for their “incompetent” election process and maintaining that mail-in ballots brought in person on Election Day will benefit Republicans in the state, the outlet further reported.

“[Those] are people who brought their mail-in ballots to the polls on Election Day because they don’t trust the mail and they don’t trust the drop boxes,” Lake said, referring to voters who did not mail in their ballots but instead brought them in person. “We’re only down by a few thousand votes right now. When those votes come in, I think we’re going to see a lot of liberal minds kind of blowing up.”

Lake mentioned that one of the reasons she will come out victorious is because “voters in Arizona are tired of shoddy elections that are run by imbeciles,” adding that “incompetent” Maricopa County election officials are currently “dragging their feet in delivering what everybody wants to know,” per RSBN.

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