Kari Lake inspires in new video about her story, reflects on her rise to frontrunner for the governorship in Arizona

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Kari Lake, Arizona’s GOP gubernatorial nominee, released an inspirational and moving video where she shared her American success story.

“We were very poor, we didn’t have food in the house,” Lake said, reflecting on her childhood as one of nine siblings in a video released Friday. “I lived off of a gravel road, we didn’t even have a house number.”

She added that in the winter, “We would wake up at like, 6 a.m., and we would go out and have to cut wood and split wood in order to heat our home.”

Lake was well known for her work in broadcast journalism in Arizona before she walked away from her position to run for the governorship in the Grand Canyon State.

“I’ve shared a lot of stories with you over the last few decades, but I’ve never shared mine,” Lake said of her video on Twitter.

In the reflective piece, Lake touchingly recalled a moment when, as a child, she looked overhead and saw a plane flying across the sky, feeling that someday she would “be on a plane, doing something.” She continued, “And I had this God moment, where it was almost like God said to me, you are going to be on a plane. You’re going to go places, you’re going to do something big.”

Lake also shared that she registered as a Republican the day that she turned 18 because of President Ronald Reagan and that she started her career on the same station where Reagan himself worked.

She also pointed out that when she worked on-air in Phoenix as a broadcast journalist, her career was based on “trust” and “friendship.”

“I felt so blessed having a 27-year career covering this beautiful state and the great people of Arizona,” she said. “…I treasured that career and that job – it meant the world to me for all of those years.”

Lake further disclosed that the Covid-19 pandemic opened her eyes to many hard truths, which led her to realize that she didn’t want to be a part of an “agenda” that the media was pushing. Subsequently, Lake stepped away from her successful, high-salary position in broadcast journalism and walked into overwhelming from Arizonans who repeatedly asked her to run for office.

In 2021, Lake announced her candidacy for governor, and in September 2021, she was endorsed by President Donald Trump. Today, Lake holds the lead in the gubernatorial race heading into the midterm elections, continually widening her lead over no-show Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs.

Lake paused, musing, “Maybe God is tapping me on the shoulder saying, ‘This is what I freed you up for.’”

President Donald Trump will hold a rally in support of Kari Lake and the entire Trump Ticket in Mesa, Arizona, on Sunday, Oct. 9.

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