Kari Lake is not backing down as third trial commences

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

Kari Lake continues her series of lawsuits against Maricopa County and attends her third trial, this time to review ballot envelopes signed by early voters.    

After her defeat in the 2022 Arizona governor race, Lake is going to trial for the third time after two previous trials that were unsuccessful. In the previous trials, Lake contested the gubernatorial election results and questioned whether the signature verification process was fair and that there were inconsistencies in the process.

According to PBS, the Maricopa County court did not believe Lake had enough evidence to back up the claim. Some of her other claims included focusing on problems with ballot printers as intentional misconduct or election inference. 

Today, AP News reports that Lake heads into her third two-day trial and will focus on all the early ballet envelopes. Lake’s latest suit is asking to review the ballot envelopes that were signed by approximately 1.3 million early voters.

This is not the first time Lake has requested to view the ballots. Her previous request was denied as court officials claimed the ballots were not available to view. This third trial is a public records lawsuit, and this time, Lake is not backing down.

On X, Lake had written, “This is a big day in our fight to restore transparency to Arizona’s elections. Ballot envelopes are legal affidavits. A judge already informed Maricopa County that he is ‘not convinced that the ballot affidavit is a voter registration record’ He’s right.” 

Lake explains why the ballots should be released, “They contain the same PUBLIC information that people divulge when they sign petitions. There is no privacy exception applicable here. We The People, have EVERY right to evaluate the signatures.”

To keep up with the latest updates, RSBN will be covering the trials live.  

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