Kari Lake releases official statement on ‘the political prosecution’ of Trump

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

Kari Lake is not only defending President Donald Trump amid rumors of his potential indictment, but she is also calling out “political prosecution.” 

As supporters and opponents alike prepare for his potential arrest rumored to take place in the days ahead, Lake tweeted about the gravity of the situation.

Detailing how Trump has been under constant investigation since taking office, she stated, “Now, in their desperation to derail his re-election, we see this ludicrous effort to jail him on the flimsiest campaign finance violations they can find.”

The Arizona gubernatorial candidate pointed out the division political prosecution causes and how it interferes with Americans’ political rights. She also urged supporters to peacefully protest without fear. 

After the media frenzy surrounding the Jan. 6 events, and in light of the footage recently released by Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson, many political figures have expressed concerns regarding the right to peacefully assemble. 

Kari Lake noted this in her statement declaring, “We cannot allow this political persecution to exist in our country.”

She concluded by supporting Americans’ First Amendment rights and asking for everyone to use their power of voice to “stand with President Donald J. Trump, and all Americans who are under attack by the corrupt political machine.”

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