Kari Lake shuts down CNN reporter: ‘I’m going to win the election, and I will accept that result’

by Samantha Flom

Photo: Alamy

Arizona Republican Kari Lake is not at all worried about losing her state’s gubernatorial race.

In an interview Sunday with CNN’s Dana Bash, the Trump endorsee left no questions about where she stood on the matter, completely shutting down the reporter’s narrative.

When Bash asked Lake if she would accept the election results, the candidate’s response was simple: “I’m going to win the election, and I will accept that result.”

Finding that answer unsatisfactory, Bash countered, “If you lose, will you accept that?”

Without missing a beat, Lake reiterated, “I’m going to win the election, and I will accept that result because the people of Arizona will never support and vote for a coward like Katie Hobbs, who won’t show up on a debate stage.”

Hobbs, a Democrat and Arizona’s current secretary of state, has repeatedly refused to debate Lake, much to the confusion of not only voters but also her own campaign staff.

“She’s single-handedly destroying a 20-year tradition of gubernatorial debates because of her cowardice,” Lake noted. “So, I know already. [There’s] no momentum behind her, the polls are in our favor, and we’re going to win this election – I’m 100 percent confident of that.”

Touting her platform as one of “common sense ideas,” the former news anchor added that her campaign has drawn support from not only Republicans but Democrats as well.

“The Democrat Party is faltering,” Lake said. “It’s not the party of solutions; it’s the party that has caused the problems that we’re in right now.”

In fact, according to The Hill, a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey indicates that Republicans have the advantage heading into next month’s midterm elections, with 53 percent of likely voters stating they were more likely to vote for a Republican candidate.

And perhaps further demonstrating that advantage is the fact that former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who just last week announced her departure from the Democrat Party, joined Lake Tuesday on the campaign trail.

But while CNN, in characteristic fashion, chose to misrepresent Lake’s confidence as confirmation that she would not accept the results of the election if she lost, Lake took to Twitter to set the record straight.

Replying to one user’s tweeted interview clip, the candidate shared a clip of her own – singer Kanye West accepting a Grammy Award – with the caption, “Mood.”

In the video, West notes, “Everybody want[ed] to know what I would do if I didn’t win.” The singer then raises his award triumphantly and adds, “I guess we’ll never know.”

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