Kari Lake urges Arizona Supreme Court to ‘do the right thing’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake told Steve Bannon on “War Room” that the Supreme Court of Arizona needed “to do the right thing” regarding her election lawsuit against Maricopa County election officials and former Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

“We really need our Supreme Court to do the right thing,” she said. “They must hear this case. If they don’t hear this case, Steve, they’re basically giving their stamp of approval, putting their stamp of approval, on the most corrupt election we’ve ever seen in this country.”

As previously reported by RSBN, the state Supreme Court moved to expedite Lake’s case in early March, scheduling an internal conference to consider the case on March 21. At that time, the court will decide whether they will schedule oral arguments and move forward with hearing the case.

Lake continued in her comments to Bannon, pointing out that if the Supreme Court refused to hear the lawsuit, “they’re sending a very loud message to every town, every city, every county, that election laws don’t matter, that chain of custody is just a suggestion, you don’t have to follow it, that you don’t have to have machines that are certified and working…they’re basically giving the green light to corrupt people all across our state to go ahead and continue running elections in a corrupt way, and it will be the end of our voice being free at the ballot box.”

According to Tucson.com, attorneys representing Hobbs and Maricopa County election officials asked the justices of the Arizona Supreme Court to toss Lake’s case, in addition to requesting that Lake and her own attorneys be saddled with legal fees and financial sanctions.

Maricopa County’s election processes were infamously chaotic on Election Day in 2022. Rampant reports of widespread voter disenfranchisement, glitchy tabulator machines and dubious mail-in ballots muddied the political waters of the election results, resulting in Lake’s move to file a lawsuit against Hobbs, who was also her Democrat gubernatorial opponent.

Hobbs did not recuse herself from the position of Arizona Secretary of State during the election.

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