Kari Lake vows to bring lawsuits following Arizona election certification

by Ryan Meilstrup

Photo: Alamy

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has vowed to fight on and has promised that her campaign will bring litigation against Maricopa County and others following news that Arizona had certified the state’s 2022 election results.

Lake told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Monday night, “We’re drawing up lawsuits because we won’t have elections like they have in third-world countries.”

The Arizona Republican went further when she told Steve Bannon on his “War Room” TV segment, “We’ll take it all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to. We will not stop fighting. Because the people of Arizona were disenfranchised.”

She added: “It’s going to be real ugly.”

Lake’s comments followed a canvassing ceremony Monday at the Arizona Capitol that was attended by her opponent, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Gov. Doug Ducey, state Attorney General Mark Brnovich, and Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel—who all signed the state certification.

By Arizona law, following certification, candidates may begin requesting recounts or may challenge the results through litigation.

At the certification ceremony, Katie Hobbs took a shot at those concerned over how the past two elections have been conducted in Arizona. Hobbs said, “Arizona had a successful election. But too often throughout the process, powerful voices proliferated misinformation that threatened to disenfranchise voters.”

Hobbs added: “Democracy prevailed, but it’s not out of the woods. 2024 will bring a host of challenges from the election denial community that we must prepare for.”

In response to Hobb’s decision to certify her own election victory, the Kari Lake War Room tweeted, “How our Governor and Attorney General can certify this election after everything that has come to light boggles our minds. How it’s acceptable for her to sign off on her own corrupt process is beyond the pale.”

Lake has been a staunch proponent of fixing Arizona’s election system. On Sunday, she tweeted, “America First has common sense solutions to the problems plaguing this wonderful country. But we can’t become a first-rate country again without fixing our third-world elections.”

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