Kevin McCarthy roasts ‘Bidenomics,’ calls for an ‘American Plan’

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy issued a scathing opinion on “Bidenomics” and called for an American plan so that countries like China and India become dependent on American natural gas rather than the other way around.

The term “Bidenomics” describes Biden’s economic plan for the country. However, many are left questioning the efficiency of “Bidenomics” due to the current high inflation hikes, tax hikes on big companies, rising fuel prices, and massive amounts of government overspending and debt.

One of Biden’s biggest ambitions with the “Bidenomics” financial philosophy is the clean energy plan. According to the White House, Biden has set a very ambitious goal for the country. Biden plans to use green energy. He plans on “achieving a carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035 and net zero emissions economy by no later than 2050.”

While ambitious, McCarthy has called out the effectiveness of this plan and says that Biden’s administration is not utilizing the resources and skills that the U.S. currently has.

In 2021, McCarthy questioned Biden’s administration and said, via ABC News, “Instead of priming the pump, Bidenomics has emptied the tank. From inflation to gas lines, the American economy today looks more like it did in 1979 than 2019.”

President Trump also roasts the “success” of “Bidenomics.” In a statement reported by RSBN, President Trump said, “Biden and the Radical Democrat Congress single handedly created the highest inflation in decades. They spent trillions of dollars and pursued the socialist joke known as the Green New Deal.”

McCarthy’s comment about the 1979 fuel and gas shortages only strengthens his opinion that “Bidenomics” should be focusing on making other countries dependent on America’s resources. To achieve this, McCarthy feels that this plan for improvement shouldn’t just be a Democrat or Republican plan. It must be an American plan.

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