‘LETTERS TO TRUMP’: 45th president’s newest book hits preorder ahead of April launch

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump is back with another coffee table style book, “Letters to Trump,” which is now available for preorder ahead of its scheduled April 2023 release. This newest publication from the 45th president comes after his previous release of “Our Journey Together,” which was released in late 2021.

Trump announced the preorder of “Letters to Trump” on Truth Social, sharing a photo of the official title, along with a link to Winning Team Publishing, where supporters could order a copy.

He wrote, “Great news! My new book, ‘LETTERS TO TRUMP’ is available for pre-order today. The most incredible letters that I have received over many years. Get your copy at winningpublishing.com.”

Per Winning Team Publishing, the book will be a colorful collection of “incredible, and oftentimes private correspondence, between President Donald J. Trump and some of the biggest names in history throughout the past 40 years!”

“From President Richard Nixon, to Princess Diana, and from Hillary Clinton, to Chairman Kim Jong Un, no book offers a glimpse into history quite like LETTERS TO TRUMP!” the description touted. “Every letter has been handpicked by President Donald J. Trump, and is accompanied by his original commentary!”

The president’s first post-White House book, “Our Journey Together,” performed tremendously well, selling more than 200,000 copies in the first six weeks of its release and grossing over $1 million in sales on the first day of its release, as reported by RSBN.

Last month, Trump teased a “new book” that his supporters would “LOVE.”

The official release for the book is scheduled for April 25, 2023.

Via the book:

“Before President Donald J. Trump created the most significant political movement in American history, he had already achieved tremendous success as one of America’s most prominent real estate moguls and acclaimed media personalities. In his latest book, published by Winning Team Publishing, Letters to Trump, reveals part of the incredible private collection of correspondence between President Donald J. Trump and the countless world leaders, celebrities, athletes, and business leaders who shaped the United States and the world!”

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