Mainstream media coverage of Waukesha massacre disappears

by Timothy Frudd

The media has dropped coverage of the Waukesha massacre after bail was set at $5 million for suspect Darrell E. Brooks.

Brooks was arrested shortly after driving a SUV into a Christmas parade on Sunday night in Waukesha, Wis. Police have stated his horrific act of violence that killed six and injured at least 40 was intentional.

The sixth death, law enforcement announced, was an eight-year-old child whose identity has not been released. Officials have also reported that over 40 people were injured in the incident.

Brooks currently faces five charges of homicide; a sixth case expected to be brought against him soon. By law, each charge would result in a mandatory life sentence for Brooks if he is found guilty.

Brooks made his first appearance in court on Tuesday where a judge set his bail at $5 million, sparking backlash from American citizens and Republican leaders who do not believe it is safe for him to be released.

In response to the announcement of Brooks’ bail posting, former California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, a Republican, tweeted the alleged record of Darrell Brooks:

The media has largely remained silent in the days following the Waukesha incident, perhaps because it does not fit well in their narrative of “systemic racism,” as Elder points out.

Brooks appears to have had a history of run-ins with law enforcement. He reportedly has court records in Wisconsin, Nevada, and Georgia that go as far back as year 2000. Based on his records, he appears to have a pattern of domestic violence, bail-jumping felony, endangering safety, battery, and disorderly conduct.

In addition to these past charges, Brooks was recently released from custody after posting $1,000 dollars bail for allegedly punching a woman in the face and attempting to run her over with his car. Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm has called for an investigation into the bail which seems excessively low for such a heinous crime.

This has led to many questions regarding why Brooks was even released from prison in the first place. If he had not been released on such a low bail cost, perhaps the Waukesha massacre would not have occurred on Sunday.

In a press conference on Monday, Waukesha Police Department Chief Dan Thompson claimed that Darrell Brooks was the only person involved in the incident and that it was not an act of terror. The motive of the incident has not been confirmed, however, there are reports that the massacre may have been linked to the results of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all five charges in his case on Friday, prompting the media and the Democrat base to label the verdict as “racist” and “an injustice.” Speculating as to why the media abandoned covering this story, Tucker Carlson suggested Brooks is a Black nationalist and BLM supporter based on his social media posts and former involvement in the movement. Reports also indicate that Brooks was against the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, leading many to question the timing of the incident.

Although the motive for the Waukesha massacre has not yet been confirmed, the deadly attack should be facing scrutiny by journalists. While most of them remain silent, multiple children remain in critical condition in Waukesha hospitals.

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