Marjorie Taylor Greene blasts ongoing U.S. involvement in Ukraine: ‘It has nothing to do with Democracy’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., took a sledgehammer to the Biden administration’s ongoing involvement in Ukraine amidst their war with Russia, decrying an underlying motivation based on natural gas deals.

“I predicted back in Feb this year that US interest in Ukraine was about natural gas deals,” the congresswoman wrote on Twitter. “With the apparent attack on Nord Stream 2, everyone should take notice. I have voted NO to every penny & US involvement in the war in Ukraine bc it has nothing to do with Democracy.”

Greene was referring to the dubious alleged sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines that run from Russia to Germany. Per RSBN, even President Donald Trump has urged de-escalation of the situation, offering to step in and broker a deal between Russia and Ukraine himself in a bold statement about the situation on Truth Social.

In February, Greene stated, “US interest in Ukraine isn’t about preserving Democracy, it’s about natural gas deals to Germany and Europe. And small arms contracts in the billions. The winners are weapons manufacturers, natural gas suppliers, & invested politicians. The losers are American taxpayers.”

Greene followed up her comments this week, decrying the Biden administration’s decision to ignore the southern border crisis, where there is an “onslaught of illegal aliens” trying to enter the United States.

“…typical Biden family business with corrupt governments,” she continued. “Now the Senate has passed another CR to continue funding billions for a war Americans want nothing to do [with]. How absolutely America last our country’s leaders are. What’s the difference in Reps & Dems in the senate?”

The ongoing crisis in Eastern Europe, as well as the situation regarding the Nord Stream pipelines, are not the only things Greene has set her sights on. Earlier this month, she held a press conference outside of the U.S. Capitol Building to garner support for a bill that would criminalize “gender-affirming care” in America, a piece of legislation that she is calling the “Protect Children’s Innocence Act” (HR 8731).

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