Matt Gaetz offers resolution to stop sending money to Ukraine, urges peace talks

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., has heeded the advice of President Donald Trump in a new resolution that he has introduced to the House of Representatives that calls for peace talks between Ukraine and Russia, as well as a full stop to America’s endless funding of the Ukrainian war efforts.

Per Fox News, the legislation is called the “Ukraine Fatigue Resolution” and has been introduced with the support of ten co-sponsors.

From the resolution:

“Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the United States must end its military and financial aid to Ukraine, and urges all combatants to reach a peace agreement. Whereas, since the war began in Ukraine, the United States is the top contributor of military aid to Ukraine compared to its counterparts; Whereas the United States has appropriated more than $110,000,000,000 of military, financial, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine…”

The resolution included a lengthy and detailed list of the artillery that has been sent to Ukraine at the behest of the United States, citing the latest move from the Pentagon to send 90 Stryker combat vehicles and 59 Bradley fighting vehicles overseas. It also noted that by providing assistance to Ukraine, the U.S. was “inadvertently contributing to civilian casualties.”

The bill effectively called for the termination of military and financial aid to Ukraine. It also urged both Ukraine and Russia to reach a peace agreement.

Gaetz’s resolution is reminiscent of President Trump’s call for Russia and Ukraine to dissolve their ongoing conflict. Via RSBN, Trump advocated for de-escalation in the war in Eastern Europe in a recent policy video posted to Truth Social.

“It’s far past the time for all the parties involved to pursue a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine before this already horrific catastrophe spirals out of control and ends up leading, indeed, to World War III,” he said.

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