Mayra Flores announces bid to retake congressional seat: ‘There’s still work to be done in South Texas’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Former Rep. Mayra Flores, R-Texas, announced on Tuesday that she would be running for Congress again, challenging Democrat Rep. Vincente Gonzalez (Texas) for the seat she won in a special election in 2022.

She wrote on Twitter, “I am excited to announce that I am officially running for Congress in #TX34[.] We made history last year, but there’s still work to be done here in South Texas. I’m running to help restore the American Dream, secure our borders, and stand strong on our values of God, Family and Country[.]”

Last June, Flores flipped the 34th congressional district from blue to red after winning a special election against Democrat Dan Sanchez to soar to victory, RSBN reported. However, she later lost the seat to Rep. Gonzalez in the later general election.

According to the Washington Examiner, Flores’ failed general election bid took place in a redrawn district.

Per RSBN, Flores was the first Republican to represent South Texas’s district since 1870, as well as the first Mexican American congresswoman ever elected to Congress. She was endorsed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

She told Fox News after announcing that she was focused on empowering border patrol agents and bolstering security at the southern border.

Flores also prioritized protecting America’s children considering the overwhelming trafficking problems being facilitated by the open border.

“This is a people’s campaign,” she told Fox.

While in Congress, Flores took a hardline stance against illegal immigration, advocating for border security ahead of the November 2022 general election.

She wrote, “A country that cannot control its borders is not a country. We must secure our borders to protect our families. We must protect our families so they can also achieve the American Dream.”

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