Mike Lindell announces he was CANCELED from 12 TV stations

by Summer Lane

Fearless patriot and CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, announced during an interview with RSBN’s Brian Glenn in Washington Township, Michigan, on Saturday that he has been canceled by 12 television stations.

“I had 12 TV stations, just the other day now, say that I couldn’t be in the commercial – [the commercial] can only say MyPillow. I cannot personally be in them.”

Lindell, who has been a warrior for uncovering election fraud across the country following the November 2020 presidential election, has been ruthlessly “canceled” by big corporate box stores for his patriotic work. “I want you to think about that,” Lindell told Glenn, “where they’re coming to cancel out this country – you know, they want my voice stopped…everybody’s gotta speak up.”

Lindell also revealed that the 12 TV stations who canceled him will “never get to sell my product again. Just like those box stores. When you leave, it’s goodbye. Have a nice day.”

In early March, Lindell revealed that he was filing a class-action lawsuit to get rid of the “defective” voting machines involved in the vote tabulation processes in counties across the country.

“It’s the most important class-action lawsuit in American history – in world history,” Lindell announced in a previous interview with RSBN’s Brian Glenn in Morristown, Arizona. “This will get rid of the machines,” he explained. “They’re considered defective devices…a defective product.”

Lindell continued in his comments on Saturday that customers who purchased MyPillow products were in a “unique situation.” He said, “You buy the products, you buy the slippers…buy everything we make, you’re not only supporting getting rid of the machines, [and] everything we’re doing to save our country, but you’re getting a good product…” He added, “I’ve never asked for help other than to buy my products.”

Lindell also revealed some more findings on election fraud on Saturday, revealing that 1.5 million votes were stolen from President Trump in the Golden State. He additionally alleged that Texas was affected by voter fraud, with 960,000 votes stolen in the Lone Star State from the 45th president.

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