Mike Lindell announces new film exposing voting machine corruption: ‘Selection Code’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

On Saturday, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced the upcoming launch of a new film centered on election fraud. “Selection Code,” Lindell said. “This movie trailer is out today! The president’s gonna show it here at the rally. Our real president.”

Lindell’s made the remarks during an interview with RSBN’s own Liz Willis ahead of an energetic Save America rally in Casper, Wyoming. “You need to share this trailer everywhere,” he said. “This movie… it’s Tina Peters’ story, but it’s also America’s story.”

He added that the film is also centered on “what’s inside” the voting machines used during the 2020 presidential election. “We have to terminate the machines,” he went on, “and we are going to do it.”

Tina Peters is a GOP candidate for secretary of state in Colorado. Tina famously blew the whistle on election corruption that she witnessed as a Clerk Recorder in 2020.

According to a report from The Gateway Pundit, Tina made a backup copy of Mesa County’s voting machines. The FBI later raided her after she refused to allow election data to be wiped from the county’s voting machines.

The MyPillow CEO also revealed that “Selection Code” would be released worldwide on July 16 and 17. “The movie’s by Lara Logan,” Lindell added.

Lara Logan is a famed journalist and war correspondent.

“It’s over for them,” Lindell continued. “ES&S, Dominion, Smartmatic… it’s over.” He added, “The 2020 election will go down as the most important election in [the] history of the world…because God’s had his hand in this…”

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