Mike Lindell announces preliminary injunctions to ‘get machines out of our elections’

by Timothy Frudd

Photo: Alamy

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced at President Donald Trump’s rally in North Carolina that preliminary injunctions against voting machines in eight states would start this week.

During his speech at Trump’s massive rally, Lindell said, “Right now, there’s great things going on that you don’t hear about.”

Lindell continued, “Starting next week… we’re doing preliminary injunctions starting with eight states.” The goal of the preliminary injunctions, he explained, is to “get machines out of our elections once and for all.”

This huge announcement from Lindell was met with great excitement and cheering from the crowd as Americans seek more secure elections.

“These are preliminary injunctions,” said Lindell. “The relief is to get rid of all voting machines and electronics in our elections.” The MyPillow CEO recently filed a class-action lawsuit to get rid of voting machines, saying, “They’re considered defective devices…a defective product.”

Lindell’s injunctions are unique because, as he told RSBN, “The plaintiffs are the people.” He represents the American people against voting machines and electronics that have not been reliable in recent elections.

“We have some very special plaintiffs in Arizona,” he continued, “which we’ll be announcing this week.” Lindell told viewers that he would be sharing this information with RSBN and other conservative outlets in the coming days.

Arizona will be the first of several states where Lindell will file injunctions against voting machines. “We have seven states after Arizona.” Listing these states, he said, “We have Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and don’t forget about Colorado.”

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