Missing Biden whistleblower will be left’s ‘worst nightmare,’ Comer says

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., discussed the “missing” Biden corruption whistleblower’s forthcoming witness this week on Newsmax, noting that his testimony would likely be the left’s “worst nightmare” because of the credible dirt he likely has on the Biden family.

Comer, who is the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has been spearheading an investigation into the Biden family’s shady business dealings for weeks, specifically zeroing in on an alleged bribery scheme that involved Joe and Hunter Biden and foreign power players.

The “missing” whistleblower is Dr. Gal Luft. In a video that was obtained this week by the New York Post, Luft explains that he was allegedly arrested overseas in Cyprus so that he would be unable to testify in front of the House Oversight Committee regarding what he knew about the Biden family’s alleged payments received from foreign individuals with Chinese connections.  

Comer stated on Newsmax of Luft:

“…He’s very credible…they [the media] should feel like fools; this is their worst nightmare because again, this is a credible witness that the FBI flew all the way to Brussels to interview and sent several agents to interview. This is someone who knew about CEFC long before the laptop became public. So, we feel that this is a very credible witness. We feel that this is someone that we need to talk to in our investigation, someone we WILL communicate with in our investigation.”

CEFC is a Chinese-based energy company, China Company Energy Limited, that has been closely linked with Hunter Biden and the Biden family. Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop is rife with information and evidence regarding alleged Biden interaction with CEFC officials.

Comer noted that the House Committee would “request the notes” from the FBI’s interview with the whistleblower. “We want to know why the FBI has never made public this interview,” Comer said.

Earlier this week, Comer stated that his committee was “entering the deposition” phase of their investigation into the Biden family. Per RSBN, he indicated that Biden family associate Devon Archer would be the first individual to be deposed this year.

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