Mo Brooks UP in Alabama primary ahead of midterms

by Summer Lane

Republican Congressman Mo Brooks is up in the polls ahead of the Alabama primary, following on the heels of his glowing endorsement from President Trump in April.

Brooks, a Trump loyalist and six-term representative in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District, is now running to succeed retiring Sen. Richard Shelby. According to a new survey conducted by McLaughlin and Associates, Brooks captured the potential Republican vote with 31 percent of their support, while 22 percent were undecided.

In April, President Trump endorsed Sen. Brooks, calling him a “great Conservative Republican leader” who had “courage” and was willing to “FIGHT” for America First policies. “Mo Brooks is pro-life,” Trump continued, “loves our Military and our Vets, will protect our Second Amendment, combat the Biden open borders agenda, [and] is fighting for voter integrity (like few others).”

According to Fox News, Brooks was among the first Trump supporters and politicians to publicly state that he would object to certifying the electoral votes for Joe Biden in light of the widespread reports of voter fraud and election irregularities that occurred throughout the 2020 presidential election.

Additionally, a report from Breitbart News stated this week that Sen. Brooks demanded a full select committee investigation into Hunter Biden’s dubious “art” business ventures. Hunter, the son of Joe Biden, reportedly sells his paintings for tens of thousands of dollars.

“They [customers] are purchasing access to the Biden name,” Brooks stated, “…it is clear that for full transparency, a full select committee investigation into Hunter Biden and all of his scandals, including his laptop, is needed once Republicans take back control of the House in 2022.”

This move will likely earn Sen. Brooks points in the eyes of voting Republicans, since Hunter Biden’s allegedly suspicious behavior has been conveniently overlooked by the mainstream media, much to the frustration of many Trump supporters.

Sen. Brooks is poised to do very well in the Alabama primary ahead of the 2022 midterm races. President Trump won Alabama by 26 points in November 2020, according to Fox News, and Mo Brooks has wisely aligned himself with Trump’s America First agenda, all but guaranteeing the support of conservative, MAGA voters in Alabama.

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