Most Americans Want Corporations To Stop Pushing Pride Month, See LGBT Ideology As Harmful To Kids: Polls


Originally published by Laurel Duggan at Daily Caller News Foundation | Photo: Alamy

Americans largely want corporations to stop making Pride Month statements and believe that exposing children to LGBT and transgender ideology is harmful to their development, according to a series of recent polls.

Several major companies have faced blowback from American consumers over Pride-related products this summer, including Target and Bud Light, both of which faced severe financial consequences for their apparent support of transgenderism. A series of polls conducted by the Trafalgar Group and McLaughlin & Associates found skepticism of efforts to expose children to LGBT ideology as well as a desire from consumers that businesses stay away from hot-button social issues.

Among respondents who had an opinion on the subject, 64% believed exposing young children to ideas like transgenderism, drag shows and LGBTQ+ themes hurts their emotional and psychological development, according to a June poll from Summit Ministries and McLaughlin & Associates. In the same poll, 63% believed that there was a specific cultural agenda behind the push to expose kids to these ideas.

The vast majority of voters who had an opinion on the issue, 73%, preferred that businesses stay neutral on political and cultural issues in another June poll conducted by the same groups, and 52% said they supported boycott efforts against companies who do take stances on these issues compared to 48% who did not support the efforts.

Another large share of Americans want businesses to stop making LGBT Pride proclamations, a June poll of 1,000 likely general election voters by the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action found. Among respondents, 61.9% believed companies should be neutral on cultural issues in light of the recent blowback against Bud Light and Target, and 65% said they have personally boycotted a company because of its public stance on a political or cultural issue.

“No month better epitomizes the lengths that companies will go to in order to kiss the ring of the progressive left than pride month in June,” Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, said in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “But as we saw with Bud Light and Target, Americans are fed up … While the Wall Street Woke seem to be hell bent on pushing business to the radical left, American voters simply want businesses to provide products and services and not be a megaphone for political activism—especially radical activism from the left.”

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