MTG celebrates major defense bill win

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., celebrated the passage of the Department of Defense Bill after Ukraine funding was stripped from it. 

She wrote Wednesday night, “The GOP-led House just passed our Department of Defense appropriations bill to defend OUR country with ZERO Ukraine spending and my amendment to FIRE Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.”

“It’s a great bill for our military and I’m proud we were able to remove funding for Ukraine and defend America!” she concluded.

This comes after a long battle to focus American defense funding on actually defending America instead of Ukraine. 

In another post earlier Wednesday, Greene noted, “For weeks, I’ve been calling for taxpayer funding to Ukraine to be pulled out of OUR appropriations bills.”

The Washington Examiner reported that this victory came after two failed votes before Ukraine funding was removed late Wednesday night in order to gain approval.

While this victory does prove that House conservatives are gaining greater negotiating power, the Washington Examiner also noted in their report that the bill is unlikely to pass the Senate and would not prevent the looming government shutdown, which is set to begin on Sunday, Oct. 1, if an agreement cannot be reached.

Despite this, Greene has stood by her promises to put “America First,” and this influence has made an impact on the House.

Greene also recognized the challenges ahead, stating on X, “Now, we just need to pass my amendment to remove the BLANK CHECK for Ukraine from the State and Foreign Ops approps bill.”

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