MTG displays images of Hunter Biden ‘making pornography’ that was listed as a tax write off

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

Marjorie Taylor Greene displayed graphic sexual images of Hunter Biden’s alleged tax write-offs during the House Oversight Committee Hearing Wednesday. She also questioned IRS Whistleblower Joseph Ziegler regarding Hunter Biden’s Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs).

She discussed prostitution, human trafficking, and evidence that Hunter Biden paid to fly a woman across the country to engage in sex acts and then wrote this off as a business expense for his law firm, Owasco.

She then held up a graphic sexual picture of Hunter and the woman, noting, “But I would like to point out that this is not what most paralegals do… for law firms.”

Greene pointed out that tax write-offs are usually utilized for things “like a meal or, say, office supplies.”

Ziegler affirmed, “We believe there were deductions for escorts and then that $10,000 golf club membership, yes, that was not a golf club membership. That was for a sex club payment.”

MTG held up another sign that displayed more graphic sexual activity with the caption, “Hunter recorded multiple sex tapes with a prostitute he had paid for out of his law firm’s bank account.”

She stated that “this is evidence of Hunter Biden,” but was interrupted with the question of whether the images should be allowed just as her time ended. She concluded that Hunter Biden had been “making pornography.”

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