Trump campaign launches ‘Parents for Trump’ coalition

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

A new community for America First parents has been launched by President Trump. 

The “Parents for Trump” website describes the coalition of parents who wish to “unite under a common purpose to advance the principles of limited government, personal liberty, fiscal responsibility, and a brighter future where parents have the tools and support they need to secure a brighter future for our children.”

They are committed to protecting parental rights, strengthening family values to support the nuclear family, and advocating for policies that reduce financial burdens like the national debt. 

President Trump has called out modern attempts to usurp parental rights and vowed to end critical race theory and gender theory lessons in public schools, per RSBN.

RSBN also reported that he recently unveiled his plan to fix the failing school system and pledged to be a “champion” for homeschooling families.

In addition, President Trump has supported other parent’s rights organizations. He has been a strong advocate of Moms for Liberty, even speaking at their Joyful Warriors Summit in June, according to RSBN.

He also reminded parents during this event that he opposed mask mandates and vaccine mandates in schools and across the nation from the start of the 2020 pandemic, a medical choice stance that has united Americans who believe in protecting their individual liberties, per RSBN

On Thursday, President Trump released a statement comparing his economic successes to those of the Bidenomics failures, reminding American parents that families had a larger household income and lower cost of living under his leadership.

The Parents for Trump organization also lists President Trump’s accomplishments to display his previous dedication to the cause. These noted his increase in the child tax credit, offering the nation’s first paid family leave tax credit, expanded school choice funding, and more. 

Parents can join on the organization’s website or text PARENTS to 88022 to get involved. 

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