Ohio catapults JD Vance to U.S. Senate

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

The Buckeye State has made its voice heard loud and clear: GOP Senate nominee JD Vance and incumbent Gov. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, have won their respective races in a thundering victory for proponents of conservatism and Ohioan values.  

On Tuesday night, Fox News called the Ohio governor’s race fairly early in the evening, signaling conservative voter enthusiasm in this year’s midterms. With 60 percent reporting, DeWine had garnered a smashing 62.68 percent of the vote to his Democrat opponent’s 37.32 percent.

Vance, who was famously endorsed by President Trump this year, pulled ahead later in the race, overcoming his opponent by an impressive margin.

With 91.73 percent of precincts reporting, Vance claimed victory in the Senate race with 53.56 percent of the vote to Sen. Tim Ryan’s 46.44 percent, per Fox News.

Ohio’s red wave comes on the heels of an epic Save America rally held by President Donald Trump on Election Eve, where he encouraged the state to cast their ballots for JD Vance and the entire Trump Ticket.

Trump advised voters to combat potential election fraud and irregularities by showing up on Election Day and voting in person. He said, “One way you can help is by just swamping them with good votes…We have to get out there and SWAMP them with votes!”

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