OPINION: The anti-Israel protests and the issue with American education

by David Crum

Op-ed by David Crum | Photo: Alamy

The United States is the most unique, free nation on the face of the earth. Everyone, regardless of their political makeup, may protest.

But what exactly do the anti-Israel protestors seek to accomplish?

Nobody in America should condone killing innocent civilians, regardless of whether they are Jews or Palestinians. Sadly, casualties of war emerge in any conflict. Should Israel seek a cease-fire and stop their plan of an invasion to eradicate Hamas terrorists? Most Western countries defend Israel’s conquest to exterminate terroristic threats in their region.

Should the U.S. have sat idly by following the 9/11 attacks and negotiated with al-Qaeda? Such a response would have been insane and incomprehensible.

As the death toll continues to rise, the massacre Israel endured is proving to be more barbaric as each day passes. The purpose of the Hamas terrorists was to annihilate the Jewish people.

Israel, with around nine million people, is roughly the same in population as New Jersey or Illinois. If Israel were to abandon their plan for a ground war, attacks would continue from adversaries on all corners of their land.

Israel is hated for their religion and political existence. Most of their neighbors will never negotiate with them, as several nations refuse to acknowledge their mere existence.

Americans can protest and voice their opinions, but they should remember that they are safe across the ocean (for now—legitimate threats exist). This is not the case for Israel. Since their establishment in 1948, Israel has engaged in wars with their neighbors, who consistently harbor animosity towards them. But more than hate, nations like Iran seek to eliminate their existence. Israel remains the only formal democracy in a hotbed of terror.

Palestinians should be able to live peacefully, but we need an open dialogue where all religions reject terrorism to find common ground.

Anti-Israel protesters, as observed by outsiders, have a strong connection to academia. This begs the question, what exactly are students being taught to garner such hate?

Having taught in academia for ten years, I believe many institutions and faculty now have an anti-democratic agenda.

It would baffle the readers to know how many students defend or promote socialistic and communist governments. The academic fields of history, sociology, psychology, humanities, and world religions are dominated by radical agendas that attack the nation’s (U.S.) past. In America, Republicans and Democrats can unite to combat such teachings.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin united moderates, Democrats, and Independents by opposing anti-American educational policies and promoting national unity. 

Violent protests, riots, and flag burnings have plagued cities across the United States in recent years. It is time for Americans, regardless of party affiliation, to cooperate in confronting the educational system in which our young people are being educated. The problem exists in higher education, but it also plagues the public school system in many parts of the country. The concept of patriotism has shifted from supporting the U.S. to criticizing everything about it, including its history and current state.

To their credit, most Democrats have publicly denounced the anti-Israel movement, expressing their disappointment. However, their complacency in allowing radical teachings in public schools has contributed to the current hatred among college students. Republicans bear responsibility, too. Not every leader has been vocal like Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, or Donald Trump in opposing radical teachings.

The U.S. and its allies helped create Israel and have a duty to support its democracy, regardless of the protestors’ opinions. If the U.S. departed from her posture of allegiance to Israel, the nation would cease to exist. 

Palestinians may have their voices heard and live in peace and freedom, too. However, nations in the Middle East must accept Israel and seek to eliminate terrorists in their own countries. Sadly, they have not done so.

The American public should take note of the growing protests and realize that such a movement can grow much more extensive. While protesting is nothing new in America, the anti-Israel sentiment very well could develop into an anti-American movement. I would assert that it already has in some places.

America’s founding principles and ideas are at stake here. How can our nation exhibit strength and be the voice of reason against the world’s adversaries when hatred of our nation’s historic foundations grows and blossoms within?

We must restore patriotism.

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