Over 1 MILLION people have seen ‘2000 Mules’ despite the MSM’s refusal to cover it

by Laura Ramirez

“2000 Mules,” the documentary film exposing an election-changing level of ballot trafficking that occurred in the 2020 election, has proven to be a massive success.

According to filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, the film made in collaboration with True the Vote has not even been out for one week. Yet, it is on track to gross over $10 million by Wednesday or Thursday, despite being ignored by the mainstream media. D’Souza told RSBN that one million people viewed the film that debuted on Rumble and Locals on Saturday.

Although the mainstream media outlets, such as Fox News and Newsmax, have reportedly refused to mention the film, it has done exceptionally well.

Last week, D’Souza took to Twitter to announce that Tucker Carlson and his team at Fox News instructed election integrity group True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht not to mention the movie.

Newsmax also allegedly blocked coverage of the film and even canceled an interview with D’Souza.

Nonetheless, Americans are eager to know the truth about what happened during one of the country’s most controversial elections.

Newsmax and Fox have not commented on their decisions to avoid “2000 Mules,” but the revelations speak for themselves.

According to one calculation where illegal votes by only the worst offenders were removed, President Trump would win the 2020 election with 279 electoral votes. Another, more generous calculation would indicate that Trump won 2020 with a landslide of 305 electoral votes.

Either way, the evidence, which True the Vote plans to release in the coming weeks, shows that President Trump decisively won 2020 when the illegal votes are removed from the totals. Perhaps it is this very possibility that the mainstream media is terrified to acknowledge.

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