Patriotism SOARS at Texas Trump rally as the crowd sings STAR-SPANGLED BANNER

by Summer Lane

President Trump’s Saturday night Save America rally drummed up powerful feelings of patriotism during a special moment in Robstown, Texas. As the president delivered fiery remarks to a massive crowd of MAGA supporters, a spontaneous recitation of the “Star-Spangled Banner” broke out among the audience.

Trump stepped away from the microphone and gestured to the audience, and the entire crowd picked up the tune.

The pause in the political rhetoric was a solemn and touching moment, drawing attention to attendees’ fierce love for both their country and President Trump.

Resounding chants of “USA” broke out thereafter as rallygoers raised their signs and pumped their fists while they cheered for Trump.

“Wow, that’s so beautiful,” Trump said.

He jokingly added, “You know, when this whole big group stood up, I said, ‘Oh, we have protestors.’ And you know what? They are protesting! They’re protesting what’s taking place in our country, and it’s SO BAD AND SO WRONG. It is a protest!”

Trump’s remarks in Texas delivered huge support for the entire Trump Ticket of America First candidates running for election in November.

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