Pennsylvania county sues Dominion Voting Machines

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

A county in Pennsylvania has taken legal action against Dominion Voting Systems by filing a lawsuit claiming that there were “severe anomalies” related to vote counting in the 2020 presidential election, as reported by Just the News.

The lawsuit brought by Fulton County alleges the following:

“46. On or after November 2020, Fulton County became aware of severe anomalies in the Dominion Voting Systems due to the inaccuracy and or/inability to reconcile voter data with votes actually cast and counted, i.e., tabulated, by the System in Fulton County.”

The lawsuit also claims, “On or after November 2020, Fulton County became aware of certain factors or aspects of the Dominion Voting Systems that did not meet the ‘conditions’ for certification set forth in the January 2019/February 2019 certification report.”

The filing additionally states that J. Alex Halderman wrote a report in July 2021 asserting that there were “numerous security vulnerabilities” in Dominion’s software, “including flaws that would allow attackers to install malicious software on the ICX, either with temporary or physical access (such as that of voters in polling places) or remotely from election management systems.”

Per Just the News, Fulton County also alleged that a “python script” was installed that allowed the system to connect to an outside source.

The use of voting machines in U.S. elections has come under intense scrutiny since the 2020 presidential election amid countless reports of irregularities across the country related to vote counting processes.

MyPillow CEO and election integrity advocate Mike Lindell has relentlessly advocated for the removal of voting machines in every state and county in the nation. In August, he launched a film, “[S]election Code,” that touched on evidence of alleged election rigging that can be done through voting machines.

As previously reported by RSBN, Colonel Shawn Smith of the U.S. Space Command remarked in the film, “It’s not just that there are back doors that you can access the system from an iPhone…it’s that it has unauthorized software installed [in the voting machines].”

Fulton County’s lawsuit claimed that there was a breach of “contract and breach of warranty, and breach of other common law and statutory duties, by Dominion, which entitles Fulton County to Damages as alleged herein…”

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