Political allies: Trump gains powerful endorsement heading into 2024

by John Hanna

Op-ed by John Hanna | Photo: Alamy

In politics, it is important to have friends you can count on and allies who can support you as a candidate. President Donald Trump has earned yet another powerful endorsement.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, R-N.C., has officially endorsed Donald Trump for the GOP primary for the 2024 presidential election.

As a lieutenant governor, Mark Robinson spoke at a Trump rally in Selma, North Carolina, proclaiming that he is “living proof that the American dream is not dead.”

Now in 2023, Trump has returned the favor to his political ally.

Robinson publicly endorsed Trump at a Faith and Freedom Coalition event in Washington D.C. The Faith and Freedom Coalition holds the Road to Majority conference that brings together religious conservatives from all over the country and is considered a high-profile venue.

This was a smart move for both Trump and Robinson when it comes to their political careers. For Trump, it shows voters that he is gaining momentum in his presidential campaign, while for Robinson, it builds upon an existing relationship that would become important for a larger announcement made down the road. 

In this case for the lieutenant governor, it came when he decided to run for higher office, and Trump added his own support for Robinson in the gubernatorial race. Robinson officially tweeted at the end of April announcing his own bid for the governor of North Carolina.

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