Polls close in Virginia as race tightens; Youngkin in the lead

by Vianca Rodriguez

Sitting Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe may face a potential upset in Virginia’s governor race as Republican contender Glenn Youngkin battles to unseat him. Election polling centers closed all across the state sharply at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Few voters remain in line as they desperately await casting their much anticipated votes either to reelect the incumbent or for a fresh change in favor of the Republican candidate. Political organizations have already reminded them to keep their place in line, otherwise they would lose the opportunity to finish casting their vote.

Several analysts predicted the race would be too close to call, but all ballots should be counted as the night draws on, including absentee ballots.

The Republican candidate remains hopeful he may likely win. “I’ve just felt this great surge of momentum for the last six to eight weeks,” Glenn Youngkin said at a polling station in Chantilly, Virginia on Election Day.

Youngkin also shared his sentiments on social media, further encouraging eligible voters to #WinWithGlenn by getting out their vote.

There’s been a flip in sentiment among Virginian voters over the last two months as the Biden administration’s disastrous and unpopular policies have been exposed, but especially within Virginia surrounding intense debates against Critical Race Theory, Covid-19-related school closures, lockdowns, and mandates.

The state already broke records with early voting this time around, with approximately one fifth of the state, or 1,137,656 voters already submitted their early ballots. This represents a six-fold increase compared to 2017’s early ballot turnout.

The Virginia gubernatorial race is one of multiple taking place the first week of November across the nation, yet one that most Republicans are keeping a close eye on, since a flip would significantly determine the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

A Democratic defeat in Virginia would reflect a huge political setback for Biden and his Democratic congressional members, already putting their progressive agenda to the test.

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