President Trump announces historic visit to the South Bronx

by Grace Saldana

Photo: Alamy

President Donald J. Trump is keeping his word with newly announced plans to campaign in the South Bronx. In a major play to win New York in the 2024 presidential election, Trump will pitch his America First alternative to Biden’s “disastrous presidency” directly to voters.

His visit will take place on Thursday, May 23, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. ET, according to an announcement the Trump campaign released on Friday night.

Describing the need for change in New York, the campaign’s statement slammed Biden’s “failed policies” and cited alarming statistics on rising inflation and violent crime in the Empire State.

“New Yorkers have suffered greatly thanks to Biden’s failed policies. With prices in the Empire State up by 17.5 percent since Biden took office, New York families continue to suffer from high inflation on everyday goods. In fact, New Yorkers have spent $7,747 more on transportation, $3,542 more on energy, $3,637 more on food, and $3,921 more on shelter on average since January 2021 due to Bidenflation.

Both New York City and the state at large have been ravaged by monumental surges in violent crime as a direct result of Biden’s and Democrats’ pro-criminal policies. Murders in New York City are up 23.1 percent from 2019 levels, while felony assault is up 35.4 percent. These upticks are incomprehensible and devastating.”

President Trump’s commitment to rallying support in the South Bronx has generated significant anticipation as he charts a new path to victory in November.

“The Empire State, a place near to President Trump’s heart, has been decimated by Biden,” the Trump campaign’s statement reads. “President Trump will ease the financial pressures placed on households and re-establish law and order in New York! We can Make America Great Again by tackling lawlessness head-on, ceasing the endless flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border, and reversing the detrimental effects of inflation by restoring people’s wealth.”

Stay tuned for more on how to watch President Trump’s historic visit to the South Bronx.

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