President Trump calls for putting American sovereignty and security FIRST

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump made a case for the sovereignty and prioritization of American citizens during a Save America rally on Saturday night in Robstown, Texas, lambasting the Biden administration for facilitating the crisis at the southern border.

“They’re storming our borders,” Trump said, referring to the millions of unvetted migrants pouring into the U.S. “Biden, Pelosi, the radical Democrats, spend all of their time obsessing over the borders of distant, foreign nations…But Americans deserve a Congress and a president who will protect the borders of OUR nation.”

The crowd of fired-up Texans applauded the 45th president’s statements as he continued:

“We deserve a government that will defend our own sovereignty, secure our own land, stand up for OUR own families, and protect the people of OUR country. It’s called a very simple policy: AMERICA FIRST.”

In a speech delivered to a loud and proud whopping crowd of America First voters and MAGA supporters, Trump stumped for Texas candidates ahead of November’s rapidly-approaching midterms.

“If you want to hear the American Dream and make it come true as we made it come true just a little while ago…go out and vote up and down the slate – vote for Republicans; good, great Republicans,” Trump encouraged the crowd.

He also urged Texans to “lead the way” in the midterms and referred to the attendees as “just an incredible group of people.”

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