President Trump decries ‘witch hunt’ on coronavirus response

by Summer Lane

President Trump came out swinging against the “Communist Democrats” in his latest response to the seemingly endless political witch hunt spearheaded by the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, who has recently subpoenaed former Trump Adviser Peter Navarro.

“The Communist Democrats are engaging in yet another Witch Hunt,” Trump stated, “this time going after my Administration’s unprecedented and incredible coronavirus response, despite the fact that, sadly, more Americans have died this year from Covid than in all 2020. It is a Witch Hunt that’s been going on for years.”  

The House subcommittee, which has spent a considerable amount of time over the last year “investigating” President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, issued the subpoena after Navarro’s supposed failure to previously produce documents that they requested, as well as declining alleged interview attempts, according to a report shared by Jack Gournell on Newsmax

President Trump struck back at the subcommittee’s attack on Navarro, stating that he would be telling him to “protect executive privilege and not let these unhinged Democrats discredit our great accomplishments! The Witch Hunts must end!” 

President Trump has frequently lauded his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic crisis, pointing out that were it not for him, Americans would never have seen vaccines quickly developed to fight the virus. The Covid vaccines, which were brought to the American people through a historically unprecedented vaccine-manufacturing effort called Operation Warp Speed, is arguably the crowning achievement of the Trump administration’s coronavirus response.

However, Americans have been hesitant to receive the vaccines since Joe Biden took office, especially in light of Biden’s attempt to federally mandate the shots nationwide. “During my administration,” President Trump remarked in an interview with Sean Hannity last month, “everybody wanted the vaccine. There was nobody saying, ‘Oh gee, I don’t want to take it.’ Now they say that, and that’s because they don’t trust the Biden administration.”

Additionally, Peter Navarro recently penned a memoir of his time in the White House during the Trump Administration, titled In Trump Time. In response to the subpoena from the House subcommittee, Navarro said that he will be sending them his memoir to further explain his actions during the pandemic. In a statement to Politico, Navarro said, “I will be delivering a case of my new book ‘In Trump Time’ to members of the committee which explains why this is indeed a witch hunt.” 

According to Navarro’s website, he “is one of only three White House officials by President’s side from the 2016 campaign to the end of the president’s first term in office. Always moving In Trump Time as was his signature, Dr. Navarro played a pivotal role in the rapid development of both vaccines and therapeutics like Remdesir.” 

It remains to be seen what Navarro’s official response will be to the subpoena from the House subcommittee. The seemingly never-ending political witch hunts that have ensued against Trump and his advisors begs the question: is this the new precedent for politics? Will every presidential administration going forward be dogged by House subcommittees and investigations probing the actions and responses of United States presidents and their advisors?

The answer to that question is unclear, but one thing is for sure: Politics have changed radically since Trump took office in 2017, and Washington D.C., for better or for worse, can’t seem to leave the Trump administration well enough alone. 

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