President Trump has already WON the debate, says Trump advisor 

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

President Trump’s senior campaign advisor, Chris LaCivita, released a press statement today announcing that President Trump has already won the GOP presidential debate without even attending.  

In the statement, LaCivita wrote, “President Trump has already won this evening’s debate because everything is going to be about him.” LaCivita is referring to the fact that President Trump announced he wouldn’t be attending, which has been much spoken about, as well as his upcoming arraignment in Georgia.

President Trump is a very much talked about figure at the moment. LaCivita even warns Americans to prepare for an “unnatural obsession with President Trump” during tonight’s debate as other candidates will be asked by the Fox debates hosts what they think about President Trump’s nonattendance. 

RSBN reports that President Trump had confirmed that he wouldn’t be attending the debate because he believes that the public has heard all his plans and knows his stance on the politics of the country.

While other candidates may believe this detrimental to his campaign, recent poll numbers show that the President is holding his largest leads in the polls. This is another confirmed reason why he is not attending the debate.  

LaCivita elaborates why he feels that President Trump has won, “Only President Trump has the policy ideas, the fortitude, and the polling to go head-to-head with Crooked Joe Biden in the general election. Republican voters recognize this,” 

The Washington Times reported what Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., said about the debate and why it makes sense that he’s not attending. She said, “It’s pointless. He’s over 40 points ahead. I believe the primaries are over. … We’re just watching people try out for the cabinet.”

In closing, LaCivita had written, “In fact, tonight’s Republican undercard event really shouldn’t even be called a debate, but rather an audition to be a part of President Trump’s team in his second term.”

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