President Trump receives HUGE Iowa endorsement

by Joshua Perry

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump received an outstanding welcome and a significant endorsement on Monday at a campaign event in Adel, Iowa.

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird (R) expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to introduce the 45th president to an awaiting crowd. Bird was abundantly clear in her opinion that Joe Biden needs to vacate the White House.

Oppositely, she highlighted the success of Trump’s presidency and advocated for him to be reelected as Commander in Chief.

Trump “will secure our border,” said Bird followed by her question, “Who supports that?” to which the attendees cheered in agreement.

Subsequently, the native Iowan stated that Trump “will fight the terrorists,” reverse the declining economy, and defend agriculture. Moreover, ovations echoed throughout the venue as Bird spoke of Trump’s allegiance to the Constitution.

Bird said she accompanied President Trump on his flight into the Hawkeye State Monday morning to unashamedly “endorse him for President.” Furthermore, she characterized Trump as a trustworthy fighter for the citizens of Iowa. 

The coordinated engagement was billed as a “Team Trump Commit to Caucus Event.” Prior, President Trump addressed a multitude of people last week in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and hosted a packed rally in Ottumwa, Iowa, in September.

The countdown to the Iowa Caucus is now less than 100 days. Therefore, Republican presidential candidates have concentrated their attention on the state. 

All of the contenders are hoping to become the winner of the first primary election for 2024, but President Trump remains the favorite among voters.

According to a recent Civiqs/Iowa State University poll, more than half of the “likely Republican Caucus attendees” decided that Trump is their candidate of choice. Trailing by 38 percent, Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., placed second in the lineup of Iowa voter preference. 

Currently, President Trump remains on track to court the Iowa vote into victory in January. 

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