President Trump wants Peter Navarro back in the White House

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump has indicated that he would be interested in having former top advisor Peter Navarro back in the White House in a potential 2025 administration, providing a peek into the 45th president’s plans for the future.

According to The Hill, Trump said, “I would absolutely have Peter back. This outrageous behavior by the Democrats should not have happened.”

He was referring to Navarro’s four-month prison sentence on the heels of being convicted of defying a congressional subpoena that was issued by the January 6 Select Committee, per RSBN.

Navarro’s sentence is being served in Miami, Florida, at a federal prison. Unfortunately for the former Trump advisor, the U.S. Supreme Court will not allow Navarro to be released from jail while he is waiting for his appeal, CNBC revealed.

Navarro was hoping to suspend or delay his jail time sentence while appealing his guilty verdict. Navarro’s briefing for appeal is not expected to be heard until July – at which point he will have already carried out his sentence, according to the outlet.

Navarro’s fiancée, Bonnie, told “War Room” host Steve Bannon that he was thriving in prison despite the difficult circumstances, noting that he was deeply appreciative of supporters’ letters and words of encouragement.

She said, “Thank you, it has kept his spirits up, one of the most important elements…it’s prison, Steve, but he keeps a positive attitude, he keeps moving. There’s a big field and he loves to be outside. And he’s working, you know, from prison, to help reelect Donald J. Trump.”

According to The Hill, Navarro has remained stalwart that he would “not give the Supreme Court any excuse to duck what is otherwise a landmark constitutional case regarding the separation of power and executive privilege.” His comments were made in a letter written from prison.

Navarro’s appeal is based on the argument that presidential immunity provided him a legal basis for ignoring the congressional subpoena from the Jan. 6 Committee.

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