Pro-DeSantis super PAC closes shop, shifts support to TRUMP

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

A super PAC that was once positioned to help Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., capture the 2024 Republican presidential nomination has closed shop and announced that it will shift its support to President Donald Trump, the Daily Mail revealed.

In early 2023, legal counsel for DeSantis noted that the PAC, “Ron to the Rescue” was “similar to other ‘pro-DeSantis’ PACs that have formed and continue to use Ron DeSantis’ name and likeness to raise funds without his permission or authorization.”

However, the Daily Mail reported that the PAC had accumulated $50 million that could have been donated to DeSantis’s current 2024 presidential campaign bid.

Reportedly, the PAC was initially founded by John Thomas, who is a well-known GOP strategist in political circles.

In comments made to the Daily Mail, Thomas explained that he saw DeSantis’s presidential campaign launch in May on Twitter Spaces as a “blunder” and noted that that he believed the Florida governor’s decision to debate California Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., was one of many “rookie s**t” errors.

Thomas will now be utilizing the power of his PAC to back President Donald Trump, who is far and away the Republican frontrunner going into next year’s election. Additionally, the president’s multiple indictments this year have fueled massive fundraising hauls for his campaign.

As reported by RSBN, Trump pulled in more than $20 million in the month of August alone, with a massive $9.4 million of that fundraising coming in the one-week wake of his arrest at the Fulton County jail in Georgia on a 41-count indictment.

His campaign noted that the president has sold tens of thousands of t-shirts and mugs featuring “mugshot merchandise.”

The president’s stalwart dedication to running for reelection despite the legal battles being waged against him has simply served to solidify his popularity among Republican voters nationwide.

Thomas explained to the Daily Mail that he believed Trump possessed a superior level of “campaign savvy and discipline” in his 2024 presidential reelection campaign.

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