Pro-Trump Disme Coin Company partners with RSBN after being banned by Big Tech


After facing immense political discrimination by Big Tech social media companies, Disme Coin Company is returning to rallies with RSBN this Saturday.

Disme Coins, a fan-favorite and top manufacturer of gold and silver U.S.-minted coins commemorating President Donald Trump, is BACK to offer RSBN viewers an exclusive 5% discount off of all Trump commemorative coins with code “RSBN.”

Over the years, Disme has become well-known in conservative circles as the best place to get your collectible coins featuring designs that depict President Trump’s various accomplishments and quotes. Some of the coin company’s newest designs include “Still MY President,” “The RINO & Donkey Hunter,” and “Trump Vs. Big Tech.”

Because of its one-of-a-kind approach to Trump memorabilia, Disme has faced political discrimination from the Big Tech giants including, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and PayPal.

The CEO of Disme told RSBN that Facebook shut down the company’s entire advertising account; Google refused to allow advertising tools to be used for the coins and eventually banned ads for multiple coins entirely; and YouTube flat-out banned all of its commercials.

One of the biggest e-commerce websites was quick to follow in the censorship crusade against pro-Trump companies.  

“It was a short amount of time and then PayPal froze our money and conducted an audit on Disme Coins,” the CEO said. “After they were done they deemed us ‘High Risk’ and wanted to hold 30% of each transaction for 90 days.”

Because of this anti-American censorship deployed against conservative companies across America, Disme needs RSBN’s help now more than ever before. Get ahead on your Christmas shopping and support Disme Coins with the exclusive code “RSBN” for 5% off your entire purchase!

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