Rep. Jim Jordan calls for Durham to testify next week on exonerating report for Trump

by John Hanna

Analysis by John Hanna | Photo: Alamy

FBI Special Counsel John Durham has delivered a report to Congress saying the FBI has no tangible or verifiable evidence relating the presence of Russian interference to President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. This comes after a years-long investigation of the alleged Russian interference probe.

Furthermore, House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan tweeted that he is summoning Durham to testify next week regarding his bombshell report.

The line between protection and corruption seems to be becoming more blurred in modern America as government agencies like the FBI appear to be profiling certain candidates, like President Trump.

In addition, it is worth noting two things about Durham’s report: the first is that current Attorney General Merrick Garland released the report with minimal comment or redaction, and the second is that the report is a brash illustration of the FBI’s major confirmation bias against President Trump and his alleged ties to Russia.

One could argue Garland’s lack of comment on the report’s release could be based in his own prejudiced attitude toward Trump, and perhaps even a sense of disappointment that the FBI found no evidence. Biden’s attorney general should answer to Congress about the DOJ’s lackadaisical approach to this failed investigation over the last few years.

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