Rep. Jim Jordan rips brutal ‘unprovoked terror attack’ by Hamas, urges continued support for Israel

by Grace Saldana

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, issued a blistering statement on X regarding the “unprovoked terror attack” Hamas committed against Israel early Saturday morning.

“The unprovoked terror attack today and the murders of innocent Israeli citizens are a stark reminder of the brutality of Hamas and Iran-backed extremists,” Jordan wrote. “The indiscriminate killings of men, women, and children are sickening. We must pray for Israel, its leadership, the men and women serving in its defense, and all Israelis today.”

Jordan’s remarks came after Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that his nation is “at war” amidst the surprise attacks by Hamas. Saturday morning, Hamas bombarded Israel with thousands of rockets striking the Gaza Strip. “Citizens of Israel, we are at war — not in an operation, not in rounds — at war,” said Netanyahu, according to Jerusalem Post.

Rep. Jordan, whose name has been floated for the next Speaker of the House, praised Congress’s “heartening” unity and ability to “come together in a bipartisan manner to strongly condemn the horrendous attacks on Israel and the Israeli citizens.”

Calling for a strong show of support for America’s “greatest ally,” Jordan said the U.S. “must continue to support our great ally as it expels this invasion, overwhelms these extremists, and works to prevent Hamas from ever harming Israeli citizens again.”

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