Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene vows transparency for Americans on aid to Ukraine

by Josh Cohen

Photo: Alamy

America First Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has vowed to adhere to the principles of transparency and work to conduct an audit of the flow of aid that the United States has thus far provided to Ukraine.

On Wednesday, the House Foreign Affairs Committee met to debate H.Res. 1482 sponsored by Rep. Greene, R-Ga., which seeks to request the president and direct the secretary of defense and secretary of state “to transmit, respectively, certain documents to the House of Representatives relating to Congressionally appropriated funds to the nation of Ukraine from January 20, 2021 to November 15, 2022.”

The resolution was introduced by Greene as an effort to pursue an audit trail of how much money was sent from the United States to Ukraine from the day of Biden’s inauguration to Nov. 15 this year.

The primary champion for transparency regarding aid to Ukraine has been Rep. Greene, who tweeted earlier this week, “It’s official the Democrats have voted NO to transparency for the American people for an Audit for Ukraine. But we take over in January! This audit will happen!”

Since the beginning of the Biden administration, the United States has provided Ukraine with an unprecedented $19.3 billion dollars, according to the State Department. That staggering number provides plenty of reason for a probe into how exactly the taxpayer money was allocated.

Bolstered and emboldened with a coming Republican House majority in January, the American people may yet see an audit take place.

The congresswoman told The Daily Caller in an exclusive interview last month that “the American people deserve [to know] where their hard-earned tax dollars are going to a foreign country who is not a member of NATO and President Biden himself said he would not defend.” The outlet reported, “[Greene] also seeks to investigate what she says is ‘outrageous corruption’ surrounding Democratic megadonor Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto exchange FTX and its alleged ties to the Ukrainian government.”

RSBN reported that Rep. Greene stated in February, “US interest in Ukraine isn’t about preserving Democracy, it’s about natural gas deals to Germany and Europe. And small arms contracts in the billions. The winners are weapons manufacturers, natural gas suppliers, & invested politicians. The losers are American taxpayers.”

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