Rep. MTG calls on Musk to ‘bring back freedom of speech’

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., called for the reactivation of banned Twitter accounts following Elon Musk’s new leadership within the company.

“Bring back President Trump. Bring back my personal account. Bring back Dr. Robert Malone. Bring back Alex Jones. Bring back Milo Yiannopoulos. Bring back the cancelled nation. Bring back freedom of speech. Bring back America!” Greene wrote on Twitter following the announcement that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO will become the platform’s new owner.

Musk’s move to acquire the company has been celebrated by many free speech advocates, including Greene, hoping the change in leadership will bury Twitter’s censorship policies for good.

Greene also posted a photo of her banned personal account on Twitter, a possible hint to Musk to reactivate her account which was permanently suspended earlier this year.

Twitter banned the congresswoman’s personal account after she repeatedly violated the company’s Covid-19 misinformation rules, mainly posting against vaccine mandates.

“Maxine Waters can go to the streets and threaten violence on Twitter, Kamala and Ilhan can bail out Black Lives Matter terrorists on Twitter, CNN and the rest of the Democrat Propaganda Media can spread Russia collusion lies, and just yesterday the Chief spokesman for terrorist IRGC can tweet mourning Soleimani, but I get suspended for tweeting VAERS statistics,” Greene said.

“Twitter is an enemy to America and can’t handle the truth,” she continued. “I stand with the truth and the people. We will overcome!”

While many conservatives would love to see the 45th president back on Twitter, Trump has expressed no interest in returning even if Musk reinstated his account.

“I am not going on Twitter, I am going to stay on TRUTH,” the president said.

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