Report: Georgia’s largest counties ADMIT they deleted crucial video evidence ahead of ballot harvesting investigation

by Laura Ramirez

Georgia’s largest counties admitted last week they no longer possess crucial video camera surveillance footage which monitored drop boxes during the 2020 presidential election. The surveillance footage would have been substantial evidence as Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger launches an investigation into illegal ballot harvesting.

“We took direction from the Secretary of State and State Election Board, assuming they were not implementing a Rule contrary to law,” Cobb County elections office told Just the News, admitting to discarding video footage from 2020.

Fulton County, which contains Atlanta and the Georiga’s largest voting metropolis, also acknowledged deleting election files.

“I was informed that the videos were only required to be kept for 30 days post-election,” spokeswoman Regina Waller said.

However, Dekalb County, a Democratic stronghold, claimed they may still have video footage that could be made available through an open records request.

True the Vote, an election integrity group, initially informed SOS Raffensperger that multiple counties no longer have video footage. It also asked for an investigation to determine whether these counties violated the Civil Rights Act of 1960 or state requirements which requires election footage to be preserved for at least 30 days or until election challenges have been resolved.

The group claims those counties violated legal requirements since the footage was missing as elections disputes took place in court earlier this year.

The missing surveillance footage was crucial evidence as Georgia officials begin to investigate organized ballot harvesting in the 2020 elections.

The probe comes after True the Vote told Raffensperger they bear evidence of illegally harvesting thousands of absentee ballots in Atlanta.

A memo from the office of Georgia governor Brian Kemp released in December further revealed 36 inconsistencies in Fulton County 2020 audit report.

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