Republican calls for Biden’s impeachment over deteriorating border crisis

by Ryan Meilstrup

A Republican critic of Joe Biden’s border enforcement policies is calling for his impeachment.

New York Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney called for Biden’s impeachment following footage that was released showing migrants from the southern border being flown overnight on charter planes to northern cities in New York.

Tenney tweeted, “Biden should resign or face impeachment proceedings for his failure to enforce immigration law and safeguard our national security. It is a complete and total dereliction of duty.”

Leaked video shows migrants being transported via charter flights late at night from southern border states to Westchester, New York.

In the past, similar groups of migrants were flown under the cover of darkness from Texas to Jacksonville, Florida, where the migrants were then flown to White Plains, New York.

Tenney doubled down on her call for Biden to resign or be impeached when she told Fox News’ that “this is a complete, aggravated dereliction of duty, which is why last night on Twitter I called for Joe Biden to be impeached and removed. His primary obligation as the commander-in-chief and president of the United States is to enforce our laws, to live up to his oath, to enforce our border security, and to tell the truth to the American people.”

The footage of the late-night chartered flights was obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request by former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.

Astorino is now running for governor of New York, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, “Our government is completely out of control right now. They have lied to us. They’ve lied to the American people.”

Astorino added that he had personally seen migrants being loaded onto a bus and shipped to a local Costco where they were “then released into cars into the community.”

Biden has faced scathing criticism for his failure to protect the southern border from unfettered migration.

The Daily Mail reported, “Customs and Border protection encountered 1,662,167 migrants in the fiscal year 2021, but that number jumped to nearly 2 million when counting those who were immediately turned away at the border.”

Biden’s performance at stemming illegal border crossings stands in stark contrast with President Trump’s border security performance. During Trump’s last year in office, less than 700,000 migrants crossed the southern border, compared to two million under Biden.

If the current trend holds, calls for Biden’s resignation and impeachment will continue to grow.

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