‘RIGHT WING AVENGERS’: Joe Rogan describes reaction when Trump arrived with entourage at UFC 295

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump had quite the warm welcome in New York City last weekend at UFC 295, where he entered the arena at Madison Square Garden to screams and cheers of support from the crowd.

Joe Rogan, podcast host of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” described this week what it was like to be in the building when the president entered, along with an all-star entourage that included Kid Rock, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump Jr., and UFC CEO Dana White.

“When he walked out at Madison Square Garden, it was f****** bananas,” Rogan said on his show. “…The whole place was cheering. He walks out to Kid Rock’s ‘American Badass,’ with Kid Rock, and Tucker Carlson, walking in like the Right Wing Avengers.”

He continued, “The place went nuts. I’m telling you, the f****** cheers of the crowd were NUTS. I mean, it was overwhelmingly in support of him and it lasted a LONG time.”

Per RSBN, Trump’s arrival in New York at the UFC 295 event was meaningful, given the fact that New York has been the center of his real estate empire for most of his life. New York is also considered a “deep blue” state, but on Saturday night, New Yorkers greeted Trump with approval and enthusiasm.

Rogan explained, “You had to hear what the crowd sounded like before he walked in, and when he did, it was just overwhelming cheers for OVER a minute. I mean, imagine a minute of people screaming at the top of their lungs.”

President Trump has become increasingly popular with everyday voting Americans, especially amid the global chaos that has erupted under the leadership of Joe Biden’s administration.

Trump has been a longtime fan of UFC and is friends with Dana White. Recently, White strongly defended Trump against cancel-culture sponsors who demanded that he take down a video of the president. “You know what I said? ‘Go f*** yourself,’” he commented this week.

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